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Welcome to The Hatching House @ Ole Yankee Farm!

The Hatching House was started in 2015 as a planned expansion of our family farm. We have been raising chickens for nearly 20 years and finally decided it was time to offer up these great birds to everyone else!

Our commitment is to offer quality chicks that were hatched from terrific stock. We breed for the best! We are actively selecting and raising birds that fit their individual breed standard. We seek perfection with every pair we mate. Each year we grow out our own replacement birds and select only the best to go into our breeding pens. You will see us at some shows with our A.P.A birds and sometimes just out there displaying some of the rare and unusual in our collection.

Our chickens live fantastic lives. Unfortunately, to protect them we can not free range them. But we have given them the best possible life under the situation. Our flock has over-sized coops, lots of places to roost and access to fresh air pens 14 hours a day! There is NO over-crowding and we typically keep one rooster per 6-7 hens. We feed a custom mixed, locally grown, non-GMO feed that is infused with Oregano and Cinnamon. We top dress with 10% Diatomaceous Earth, pumpkin seeds, fish meal and other natural ingredients to support our chickens health and well being. We even have our own mini-lab on site and can do regular testing for external and internal parasites.

Eggs are collected twice daily and dipped in Organic Oxine AH to kill any possible bacteria. Our incubators, hatchers and brooders are completely sanitized in between batches. We have a strict bio-security plan in place and take great caution to prevent illness or disease. We are NPIP Certified CT-1077/8 and tested every 90 days for Avian Influenza and Salmonella Pullorum.

Unlike the big hatcheries, we would never ever macerate or dispose of baby boy chicks! Our male chicks are offered at a dramatic discount as chicks or grown up to feed area families through our CSA program. In addition, we donate many of our dressed chickens to food banks and shelters in our community!

We welcome you to our internet home and hope to become a part of your chicken family!