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 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions!


How quickly will I get my order?  Your order will be filled in the order we received it. It takes about 21 days for a chick to hatch and sometimes we will set eggs specifically to fill your order based on the breeds you choose. Once previous orders are filled we see what we have left for chicks and then will fill newer orders. You could get your order as soon as a week or it could be longer. If you order a wide

variety of breeds or more than 8 birds of one breed it may take a little longer to fill those orders based on the success of our hatches.


Please be patient. We are breeders and not a large hatchery that will hatch thousands of chicks at a time.


Can I pick up my chicks?  Yes, Local pick up can be arranged, our farm is located in Canterbury CT. If you are picking up we have a STRICT POLICY that you remain in your car. We do have a livestock guardian dog that will bite if he thinks you are there to steal his chicks!


When I order chicks how old will they be?   Our chicks are typically 1-7 days of age.


Are the chicks sexed?  If you click on a breed you are interested in, you will find out if that breed is sold sexed. Sexing is an art. Even the big hatcheries are only about 85% accurate. This means that for every 100 chicks that are sold as a female, 15 are actually ROOSTERS! If we have made an error in our sexing we will give you a refund. Please send us a photo or video clip of your bird! If you bought straight run and ended up with a bunch of roosters you do not want, we will accept them through our rooster surrender program and partnership with another local farmer.


Do you allow tours of the facility?   No, sorry. For bio-security reasons we cannot allow visitors. We cannot risk the health of our flocks.



Is there a minimum order?   The minimum order to ship is EIGHT (8) chicks. You can order any combination of chicks that you like, but be mindful that large breeds can knock around bantams in shipment because of the size disparity.  If you are picking up, you can order as few as THREE (3) chicks.


Do you offer a Live Chick Guarantee on shipped chicks? We offer a Live Arrival Guarantee for shipped chicks! There are a few rules.....first, you must have picked up your chicks within 2 hours of their

arrival to the post office and second, you must email a photo of the deceased chicks. If those conditions were met, we will refund you for the deceased chick. We only ship strong and healthy chicks. This is how they go into the box. Shipping is stressful. Please understand losses may occur.


Do you offer a Live Chick Guarantee on picked up chicks? You are given the opportunity to evaluate your chicks before leaving the farm. Once they are out of our hands, it is up to you to provide them what they need. If you have a loss during the first 24 hours, please email us a photo of the chick and we will discuss it on a case by case basis.



What days do you ship?  Orders are usually shipped on Monday or Tuesday each week and are delivered by  the United States Postal Service Express mail. We will email you the tracking number when the birds ship. If  you get your tracking number before 5pm please wait  until after 5pm for the postal service to update their computers.




Do I need to have a permit for my state? If you live out of the state of Connecticut, Yes. Every state requires  a permit for any birds coming into their state. It is your responsibility to call your state Department of Agriculture office and get a permit for your chicks/eggs. A permit is typically free and very simple to obtain. You will find a 9-3 form with your chicks.


Do you sell hatching eggs?  Hatching eggs are sometimes available after our chick orders are filled. We do not guarantee hatching rates on our eggs since shipping can be very hard on eggs. But you will receive the same quality eggs that we use in our own incubators!


How do I cancel an order? Cancellations, within 5 days, are subject to a $10 administration fee. "Buy It Now", special orders, and auctions are not refundable. Please do not ask us for something and then back out. Your order prevents another persons order. Lets be fair.