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Ayam Cemani


The Ayam Cemani from Indonesia! These true black beauties have a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation, making the chicken entirely black; including feathers, beak, and internal organs. Our flock has NO leakage and no mulberry in the wattles! We strive for the perfect black bird in and out. We are breeding for the correct GAME BIRD like appearance.

Note: We do not open day old chicks mouths to check for color. We just think its cruel. We will not send chicks with white feathers or dramatically pink toes. SOME pink on tips of the toes is acceptable as it will often darken with age. In the USA it is rare to find the perfectly black chick. Know this when ordering. That being said, buyer have been VERY happy with the quality of black in our chicks!

These chicks are sold STRAIGHT RUN! See our FAQ page for info about our rooster surrender program, if you live locally.