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Wyandotte- Blue Laced Red LIMITED


The Wyandotte is a beautiful and useful breed that was named after a Native American tribe prevalent in parts of upstate New York and Ontario, Canada. We have some stunning lacing on our birds.

We are working on deep cherry colors, slate blue backgrounds and correct Wyandotte type. We took our head rooster to The Northeast Poultry Congress in 2016 and he placed 2nd. Our pullets, now laying, also placed well. We are really pleased with the development of our flock.

NOTE: When ordering Blue Laced you can also receive Black laced and Splash laced due to the blue feathering gene. All of the colors are equally beautiful!

These chicks are sold STRAIGHT RUN! See our FAQ page for info about our rooster surrender program, if you live locally.


* if this breed is sold out, please send us an email and we will be happy to custom hatch for you! If you are in luck, someone else might have asked for a custom hatch and their are extras in the incubator! Or we might be incubating some for our own flock.