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Pavlovskaja LIMITED


The Pavlovskaya is the oldest chicken breed in Russia! Today very few of these remarkable birds remain and they are virtually unknown outside that country.

We are the only breeders in the USA with the Paint version. So your order could include both paint and white Pavs!

They get their name from the village of Paul’s in the Nizhy Novgorod Region in the  rural countryside of Russia ( now called the city of Pavlosk). They are a very cold hardy breed with unique feet feathering aroung the whole leg, full beards, & circular crests.

Most  believe (poultry historians) that the Pavlovskya are the foundational breed of more recently developed crested breeds like the Appenzeller Barthunter, Brabanter, & Polish Crested.

These chicks are available STRAIGHT RUN ONLY! Read the FAQ page about our rooster give back program if you live local to us!